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Click on boxes in black. They provide more detail about Singapore’s various forms of iPhone Repair.

Within 60 minutes, we can fix all problems with the iPhone. 90 percent of all iPhone repairs can be done in our shop in Singapore.

Wrong model for iPhone repair Singapore?

Want to have another iPhone model repaired?Visit our Product Pages for iPhone repair instead.

iPhone Screen Replacement

  • The replacement of iPhone screens is common and frustrating. After dropping it, many of us end up with a cracked screen, which causes a faulty display. It’s vital, and it affects your consumption.
    At our shop, iPhone repair costs are cheap and full within 60 minutes.
    Delete your Crack Screen on iPhone until it gets worse.
  • There are two different degrees. Grade A iPhone Screen is as good as the original, while the Grade B iPhone Screen is OEM, which fades more quickly in color and cracks. Want to have another iPhone model repaired?

To buy or enquire further?

  • Buy this when there’s a visible gap in the iPhone screen or digitizer. If you are unsure, we can do a free check-up for you. You may also link to our blog post for replacing your iPhone device.
    Your phone is working on your iPhone.
    The view of an iPhone screen or an LCD has no lines or markings.
    Powers on your phone, and costs. It has never been sent out in Singapore for any iPhone repair.
  • Further, inquire whether the iPhone does not use a power supply when it is plugged in. There could be no show because instead of the screen, your charging port is defective.Do refer to our iPhone Charging Port product pages for more information.

The touch of an iPhone screen is irresponsive. Alternatively, your iPhone LCD can get defective.Refer to our iPhone LCD Replacement product pages for more information.

iPhone LCD Replacement

  • The replacement of an iPhone LCD is rising and frustrating. After losing it, several of us end up with a broken screen, causing a defective monitor. It’s vital, and it affects your consumption.
    In our store, the cost of fixing iPhones is reasonably cheap and completes within 60 minutes.
    Delete your Crack Screen on iPhone until it gets worse.
  • The iPhone LCD has 2 different grades. Grade A iPhone LCD is as good as the original, while the iPhone Grade B LCD is OEM, fading in color and cracking more easily.

To buy or enquire further?

  • Buy this when there’s a visible crack on the iPhone LCD. If you’re uncertain, we can administer a free check-up for you. You may also link to our blog post for replacing your iPhone device.
    Your iPhone screen isn’t working.
    The monitor with the iPhone screen has marks or shapes.
  • Further, ask whether there are no signs or lines on the iPhone monitor, and it’s touch-sensitive. Alternatively, you may need a screen replacement.Refer to our iPhone screen Replacement product pages for more information.

iPhone Back Glass Replacement

Order this if:

-You choose a long-term repair of the iPhone 8 Plus, which is cheaper than the Apple service centers.

– The glass on iPhone 8 Plus has a visible crack.

– The iPhone housing is angled – the iPhone 8 Plus screen display or the LCD has no black marks or lines.

– Your iPhone 8 Plus usually has power on and charges.

– The iPhone 8 Plus was never sent to patch an iPhone screen before.

Enquire further if:

-The iPhone 8 Plus is difficult to turn on.

– The iPhone 8 Plus does not use a power supply when plugged in. There could be no show because instead of the screen, your charging port is defective. For more details, please refer to our iPhone Charging Port product section.

– You’ll need front glass or screen replacement for iPhone 8 Plus.

– Black marks or lines that are displayed on an iPhone 8 Plus. For more details, please refer to our iPhone LCD Replacement product section.

– The iPhone 8 Plus will show signs of water damage.

-Wrong patch for iPhone? Check out all our iPhone rates and reviews here

iPhone Battery Replacement

Our battery on iPhone is A category, as strong as the original. In our shop, the cost of replacing iPhone batteries is cheap and completes within 30 minutes. Replacement of iPhone batteries is common in Singapore, as batteries deteriorate.

To buy or enquire further?

  • Purchase this if the battery life on your iPhone doesn’t last as long as before. Battery health is natural to deteriorate.
    The number of charges on your iPhone has reached 365 times (for one year, corresponds to charging once a day). If you’re unsure, see our blog post on changing your iPhone battery for more details Request more if the iPhone can’t turn on.
  • The percentage of the iPhone battery doesn’t grow despite showing it is charging. Instead, the charging port can be faulty.

iPhone Charging Port Replacement

The iPhone Charging Port Replacement process is easy and completes within 30 minutes. In our shop, the cost of fixing iPhones is also low. It won’t affect 99 percent of the time your existing info.

To buy or enquire further?

  • Purchase this when charging is without a charging button.
    The iPhone’s microphone isn’t working. The charging port also contains a microphone.
    The iPhone starts charging even when the cord is placed at an angle.
    You’ve checked that a functioning cable doesn’t drain your iPhone. Before this, it worked and was completely powered.
  • Further, inquire whether iPhone is heating up despite being idle.
    Despite charging, your iPhone isn’t responding. There might not be a monitor, because your iPhone battery is faulty instead of the charging port. For more details, please refer to our Device Replacement iPhone Battery section.
    Despite charging with a working cable, the iPhone can not turn on.

iPhone Front Camera, Rear Camera, and Camera Lens Replacement

Our iPhone camera lens, front camera, and rear camera are Grade A as strong as the original camera. Our technicians are also highly qualified to do skilled repair work. Our service members are well trained to offer the most rewarding experience possible. We offer the most complete iPhone repair services in Singapore.

To buy or enquire further?

  • Buy this if a cracked iPhone camera lens reaches your camera.
    Spots appear on the images.
    After you take a picture, the iPhone camera device freezes.
    The iPhone camera is unfocusable.
  • Further, inquire whether both the front and rear cameras are not working. Instead, your Motherboard may be defective. For iPhone motherboard repair in Singapore, please visit our product site.

iPhone Camera Removal Service

  • The iPhone Camera Removal service is popular in Singapore. For most Singapore boys who do NS (National Service), this is the standard. It is because several of the Singapore military camps have identified red zones that forbid camera smartphones from being in possession.
  • The Army Camp requirements are completely different.
    Many camps only permit sandblasting, and others permit camera removal. Others require one piece of material to cover up the camera lens from the inside.
    Before approaching us for the removal of the iPhone camera, it is essential to check the guidelines for your camp carefully.
    It is necessary for BreakFixNow to adhere to the rules of these army camps for reliable camera removal service with the iPhone. Come to BreakFixNow for a reliable iPhone camera removal service that abides by the NS (National Service) rules and regulations.
    We offered removal services for iPhone cameras at the cheap cost of fixing the iPhone in our store. In Singapore, multiple customers are pleased with our services.

How is this camera removal service like?

  • After removal, the iPhone camera will be returned to you-you can easily reinstall the device in the future with service providers.
  • It will delete both the front and rear cameras at a one-time rate. No need to pay for both cameras removed twice.
  • From inside, you can choose between camera removal, sandblasting, or camera lens cover-up.
  • Our removal service for the iPhone camera adheres exclusively to Army camp guidelines for NS. Come to us for tranquility.

iPhone Motherboard Repair

The repair of iPhone motherboard is growing and frustrating in Singapore. Your phone’s motherboard is essential, and it affects your use.
Many Singapore iPhone repair shops cannot fix the iPhone motherboard. Their cost of fixing your iPhone for motherboard repair is also much more costly. Not phones, Sir.
We can solve all common motherboard problems with highly qualified technicians, such as Audio IC, Power IC, U2 IC, Touch IC, Touch Disease Repair, Short Motherboard, Hard Disk, NAND IC, iPhone can’t turn on. No fee for iPhone.
For peace of mind, fix your phone with us.

To buy or enquire further?

  • If your iPhone experiences symptoms such as as-unable to charge, unable to hear during calls, unable to turn on, the touchscreen is non-responsive, buy this.
  • Depending on which parts of your iPhone need repair, the data recovery chances at BreakFixNow would be the best. Our qualified technicians will ensure as much of your data as possible is intact.
  • Replacing iPhone motherboard can cause data loss. A repair of the iPhone motherboard will not be necessary. To save your phone records, patch your iPhone motherboard as much as possible, instead of a replacement.
  • The quoted price is only for fixing motherboards. Replacement of the iPhone motherboard is costly, and not worth it. For repair costs for water damaged motherboard call our shop in Singapore.

iPhone Water Damage Repair Singapore

  • iPhone Water Damage Repair is common and frustrating in Singapore. Corrosion of the water is Singapore’s worst iPhone repair. It is hard to estimate the expense of replacing your iPhone. We can treat the repair of the iPhone Water Damage in our store only. While a little splash may not harm your phone, most smartphones can’t even live in the rain for 10 minutes.
  • Remember that the cost of fixing an iPhone only requires a chemical wash. This does NOT include the expense of replacing parts on the iPhone. Chemical wash lengthens the iPhone’s lifespan. Do not leave your phone unattended after contact with water-the the symptoms can appear after time.

To buy or enquire further?

  • Buy this if you want a fast iPhone water corrosion repair in Singapore, with a lower cost of repair in our shop compared to Apple service centers.
    The most successful way to restore iPhone water damage is if it drops instantly into freshwater.
  • Further, ask whether the iPhone gets into seawater or saltwater. In this situation, the likelihood of restoring water damage to the iPhone is slim.
    Aside from general water damage, you assume that there are defective sections.

iPhone Home Button Replacement

Note that some sections can affect the iPhone Touch ID or Home button. We’ll do you a free search. Prices can be slightly variable. Based on our experience, the iPhone Touch ID repair success rate in Singapore is about 70%. If we can’t patch your phone, there’ll be no costs.

To buy or enquire further?

  • Buy this if your home button on your iPhone doesn’t respond and needs replacement.
    Even after you set up your iPhone Touch ID, the fingerprint sensor doesn’t work. You’re unable to set up your iPhone Touch ID, even though you never had your phone patched before.
    Often, the home button reacts.
  • Further, inquire whether the issue occurs after changes to the program. Instead, you may need an upgrade to the app.
    You have replaced the iPhone Home button before.

iPhone Speaker Replacement

Replacement of iPhone speakers or hearing harbors is normal and frustrating. Your phone speaker is important and will affect your use. Replacement of speakers is a quick procedure that finishes within 30 minutes. In our shop, the cost of fixing the iPhone is pretty cheap too. For peace of mind, fix your phone with us.

To buy or enquire further?

  • When you can’t hear during calls, buy this.
    There appears to be crackling noise during calls or audio playbacks.
    Your iPhone isn’t ringing even though it isn’t in silent mode.
    The loudspeaker of the iPhone rings at a very low volume, even though it is at full volume.
  • Further inquire whether the front camera doesn’t work either, because the front camera attaches to the speaker. The front camera influences the speaker on your iPhone. Check out our iPhone Front Camera Replacement product pages here.
    During calls, all the loudspeakers, microphones, and amplifiers do not work. Then the iPhone Audio IC motherboard can be defective. Please visit our Repair page for the motherboard.

iPhone Button Replacement

Replacing the iPhone buttons is common and frustrating. Your phone click will affect your use. The replacement button is a quick process that finishes within 30 minutes. In our shop, the cost of fixing iPhones is also reasonably low.
For peace of mind, fix your phone with us.

To buy or enquire further?

  • If you hear the sound of the click, but the iPhone doesn’t respond, buy this. You do not hear any clicking sound when you press on the power or volume keys. The volume or power-button of the iPhone often responds. The power button, volume up or volume down button does not work either.
  • Further, inquire whether the housing on the iPhone is bent or dented near the button. For more details, please contact us. The actual button, which is a separate component, must be replaced. The volume control works, but sound issues do occur. Instead, please visit our iPhone Loudspeaker Replacement product pages.

Case Trust Accreditation

  • With CaseTrust Accreditation, you can be assured of equal handheld repair business practices.
  • Have you ever bought defective iPhone repair parts from the Singapore store? Were there many inconveniences from fraudulent suppliers?
  • Good news! Now you don’t have to waste too much time searching for defects on your line—any need to abandon the fine printing of contracts. You will proceed easily with fixing your mobile.

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  • We can solve all issues concerning your cell phones, such as battery problems, charging, camera, and LCD screen—tools, water damage, and problem-solving ability too.
  • BreakFixNow’s maintenance and exchange program allow for 30 days of warranty. 90 percent of on-the-spot repairs can be completed.
  • Singapore fixes iPhone. Replacement of iPhone Screen, Replace Battery, Motherboard, and Singapore iPhone Repair.

Common issues for iPhone repair in Singapore

Common issues for repairing iPhones in Singapore include changing the iPhone screen, changing the iPhone battery, and replacing the iPhone port charging. Singapore repair of iPhone motherboard, camera replacement, and repair of water damage, too.

All iPhone repair costs in our shop are job repair fees included.